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Wine Tasting & "Pica Pica"

Barcelona Wine Tastings

Wine Tasting & "Pica Pica"
Sample the tastiest Catalán wines and ‘cavas’ in a trendy local wine shop.

It’s no secret that Spain is well known for its superior red wines. But, did you know that Catalunya is one of Spain’s largest producers, consisting of mainly organic, family-run vineyards, churning out some the country’s most exclusive vintages? With ten wine-growing regions – most notably the high-brow ‘Priorat’ and the multi-faceted ‘Penedès’ – and over 3000 years of grape-harvesting tradition, Catalunya also invented the Spanish answer to champagne, known as ‘cava’.

Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to enjoy a special selection of Catalan wines in a chic yet quaint neighborhood shop, with the help of our non-pretentious experts. “The Girls”, as we know them, will talk you through the tasting session, wine by wine, and win over your hearts in the process. In all, you’ll consume four full glasses: two reds, one white, and one cava. To accompany the wines, we’ll provide a typical ‘pica-pica’ assortment of local finger-foods: olives, nuts, bread and cheeses.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours (normally during evening).

You will enjoy this experience with the wine shop attendants and will not be accompanied by one of our regular historical guides.

We highly recommend you read our General Touring Guidelines before booking. We want you know exactly what to expect. Please feel free to propose your own personal twist on any existing route or guideline!

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